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Having the look and feel of world class Microsoft® Windows™ software, InTow Manager provides you with the most user-friendly yet flexibile software solution possible. With the effective use of tabbed dialogs, InTow Manager organizes your towing data, as well as your daily routines, to provide you with the most efficient methods possible for accessing and maintaining your company's most important data. The flexibility and versatility of InTow Manager allows it to be fully customized and adapted to fit the specific needs any towing organization, regardless of size or structure, with features such as:

  • fully customizable service entry and customer rate setup
  • fully customizable driver commission rate setup
  • unlimited entry of customers, drivers, trucks, services and storage rates
  • manage driver tickets, advances and receipts
  • manage truck fixed costs, repairs and maintenance and fuel costs
  • view a historical list of all calls performed for each customer, driver and truck
  • easy to navigate dialogs organized by specific types of data
  • quickly locate the details you want to view or update
  • dialog level "What's This?" help on all edit boxes and drop down lists for quick reference
  • Highlights
      Grows With Your Company
    Customer Setup
      Grows As Your Company Grows

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    There is no limitation to the number of customers, drivers, trucks, services or storage rates that may be managed and used within the software. InTow Manager can easily handle all new contracted accounts you take on, new drivers you employ or new trucks you purchase for your fleet.

    Changes to contracted rates for your customers are no problem with InTow Manager. Open the customer record, update the rates you charge the customer for each service and you're done. All calls you perform for the customer will now apply the service rate you've assigned to them. Efficiently manage discounts, free allowance for mileage, limited driver commission amounts, and minimum and maximum charges on a per service basis for each of your customers, all from an easy to use and incredibly flexible interface.

    InTow Manager provides you with a number of methods for quickly adding new system setup details to the software without the need to ever leave the entry of your current call. With the click of a button, add your new contracted customer, specify their service rates, as well as a number of other default criteria and select the customer for the call. Entering and managing your contracted or single-time customers has never been this easy.

    Driver Setup
      Advanced Driver Management

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    Are you one of the many towing organziations that pays different commission rates to drivers for calls completed at different times of the day or week? Are you often giving your drivers advances on their next pay or providing benefits that should be deducted from their pay checks? Do you have trouble tracking which customer receipts have been submitted by your drivers? Do you know where your driver tow tickets are and whether or not they have been turned in, lost or are outstanding?

    InTow Manager provides a full featured interface for managing an unlimited number of driver commission rates for any period of the week and any time of the day, and automatically pays the appropriate rate on each call completed by your drivers. As well, InTow Manager tracks all moneys paid to your drivers for any number of different reasons, such as advances, equipment usage or general benefits, and then automatically deducts the amounts from their commission check for the period of the expense.

    Quickly locate all money received by your drivers that is still outstanding and all tow tickets given to the driver that have not yet been billed. Once this information has been entered, InTow Manager does the rest, automatically tracking your drivers tow tickets and associating them to the calls that they are used for, allowing you to easily locate all delinquent tickets. Choose from the many available driver reports to print a list of all outstanding receipts and tow tickets to be turned in by drivers.

    Truck Setup
      Know Where Your Money Goes

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    Have you ever wished you could easily tell how much each of the trucks in your fleet is costing you at any given point in the year? InTow Manager allows you to track any number of repair costs, fuel expenses, one time fixed costs or costs that recur at any point throughout the year. Quickly and efficiently view the profitability of each of the trucks in your fleet, analyzing the total income they have generated, the commissions paid against their calls and the expenses that you have incurred on each truck over any period of time during the year.

    Choose from the many analysis reports provided with InTow Manager to get a graphical representation of your fleet's profitability, showing the breakdown of the most efficient months your trucks are on the road and the costs that are hitting you the hardest each month. With the numerous profitability tools provided with InTow Manager, you'll never be in the dark again on which trucks in your fleet are producing and which need additional attention.

    Service Setup
      Charge the Right Amount, Every Time

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    The days of worrying whether or not you're charging each customer the full and proper amount for the services you are performing are over. Enter the rate for each customer and let InTow Manager worry about the rest. Once your contracted rates have been entered for each customer through the flexible service management interface, InTow Manager will ensure that the right price is charged for each of your customers on every invoice.

    Choose from one of four different types of services, including flat rate, variable rate, calculated and block rates, each allowing you extensive flexibility in how and when the charges should be applied to each customer invoice. Once again, InTow Manager removes all of the burden from your shoulders for ensuring that the proper amounts are charged to each customer, automatically calculating mileage amounts and the time spent waiting and working on the service call.
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