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Integrated Security
  Restricted User Access

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Both the Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition of InTow Manager provide you with powerful tools to help control the access to your organization's data, allowing you to effectively assign roles to each of your employees to determine what tasks they may perform within the software.

Easily define any number of roles for your employees to determine which access rights they have in the software. Restrict the privileges of your users to prevent them from changing or entering payment values and viewing sensitive company information.

With the rich set of user restrictions you are able to control access to a wide variety of information, on a user by user basis, including:

  • ability to add, update or delete system data such as calls, invoicing, and customers
  • control over the display of truck expenses and profitability
  • control over the display of driver commissions, tickets, advances and receipts
  • ability to export or archive data
  • ability to manage data key to your company such as users and passwords
  • restrictions on specific reports that may be printed by the user
  • access to companies you have defined when running multiple companies
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      Secure Your Company
    User Setup
      Controlled User Access

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    The comprehensive level of security available in InTow Manager will ensure that each of your users is restricted to only those tasks that they have been assigned. Those users who do not need the ability to view or update your organization's mission critical data, such as invoicing, can be restricted from seeing that specific type of information, both from the main interface as well as when entering the details of a call.

    Quickly and easily select which features of customers, drivers, trucks and services are available to be viewed or updated by each user, and whether they have the ability to view, add, update or delete data created by themselves, another user, or at all.

    Select which reports (of the over 100 reports that come packaged with InTow Manager) each user has access to, restricting the printing of those sensitive reports key to the invoicing and payment of your customers and drivers. Select which companies each of your users has access to in InTow Manager, restricting them from opening company information not related to their role at your organization.

    With InTow Manager your worries of which users have access to your organization's data are over. Once user permissions are configured InTow Manager will do the rest, ensuring the highest level of security on all of your company's core data.

    Data Auditing
      Know Who's Doing What

    As a further enhancement to the already robust security within InTow Manager, auditing of the core system database tables may be turned on to provide an additional level of security and monitoring. Once enabled, InTow Manager will record all changes made to your company's data, including the addition, update or removal of any data within the system, allowing you to quickly locate any problem areas within your organization and identify users making unwarranted changes to your company's data.

    Select from the comprehensive list of auditing reports available within the program to quickly determine which users have made changes to any of the data within InTow Manager. Choose from any of the ten auditing groups to monitor as much or as little user interaction with the program as you like, including:

  • call and storage entry
  • call invoicing
  • payments and credits
  • customers
  • drivers
  • trucks
  • services
  • storage rates
  • system data
  • scheduling
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