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Powerful Search Engine
  Find that Needle in the Haystack

Choose from any piece of information you have entered in for a call to quickly locate the calls that match that criteria, with full support for multiple values to search for and standard Windows™ wildcard characters.

Whether the calls were entered last week or last year, you will be amazed at how quickly InTow Manager will locate and retrieve your organization's call data. No more searching through never-ending piles of paperwork to tabulate your company's daily summaries and period ending reports. With InTow Manager you'll be able to instantly view the results of your hard work with a few simple keystrokes.

With the highly robust search engine provided in InTow Manager you will immediately see such benefits as:

  • retrieving specific calls for period ending reporting and analysis
  • quickly locating those calls that need your attention right away
  • flexibility in what and how you search for call data
  • ability to save common search criteria as a view for future display
  • highly effective integration with reporting for complete control of your data
  • easily hide or show your search criteria to increase viewing area
  • Highlights
      Locate Call Details
    Personal Views
      Find it Again and Again

    Is it your responsibility to monitor the driver receipts at the end of each day, or vehicles sold to auction each month, or calls received from one particular motor club? These are just a few examples of how the powerful feature of Personal Views can be used in InTow Manager. Any call details that you need to commonly analyze and report on can easily be saved as a view that can be quickly reloaded with the click of your mouse.

    Save the details of those searches that you perform over and over on a regular basis as a Personal View so that the results of that search are dynamically updated for the current period, and return only those calls that are relative to today's date.

    Once saved, the view that you have created is added to the navigation bar in InTow Manager so that you can quickly recall the details time and time again. With the use of dynamic date values you can easily tailor the search to show you call data for the periods that you commonly report on and query. Create as many personal views as you need to organize your daily and monthly routines and harness the full power of data management provided by InTow Manager.
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