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InTow Manager makes all of the hard work and effort that goes into entering and maintaining your organization's data worthwhile by providing time sensitive, customizable reports, available to you from anywhere in the software with the click of the mouse. InTow Manager offers you a number of system reports from various locations throughout the software, including reports relating to specific calls, customers, drivers and trucks that can be quickly printed by simply right clicking on a record in the list, while other more intensive reports can be generated from the Reporting Wizard available from the main interface.

Realize the full potential of your organization by quickly and precisely analyzing your day to day and profit period data, taking advantage of the significant features available in InTow Manager, such as:

  • two-click access to all of your most commonly printed reports
  • powerful wizard allowing you to filter and sort by any details on the report
  • create your most commonly printed reports as templates to be printed over and over
  • complete and accurate reporting details right down to the last penny
  • graphical analysis reports showing you where you are making and losing money
  • indepth knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses in your particular company
  • complete control over each piece of information presented in all reports
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      Company Performance Analysis
    Search Engine Reporting
      Search for More Power

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    Combined with the flexibility of its robust search engine, the reporting features in InTow Manager provide you with a powerful tool for always staying on top of your company's strengths and weaknesses and managing the information that means the most to you. Quickly and easily define a new search or select from any of your Personal Views to display only those calls that matter to you, then simply select which of the over 30 reports available from the search engine you would like to print.

    Whether it be invoice summaries, call logs, driver commission totals or reports needed for vehicle storage and release, the capabilities of reporting are endless in InTow Manager, providing you with the information that is most essential for operating your company, with a click of the button.

    No other software on the market today offers the versitility and analysis of your organization's call management data, available to you from numerous locations through the program and provided in such an intuitive way that all users of InTow Manager can create powerful and accurate reports with ease.

    Wizard Driven Reporting
      Let the Wizard Drive

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    InTow Manager takes the power of reporting to the next level, from the quick selection of common reports from the main system interface to the vast flexibility available in the system reporting wizard. Grouped by report type for easy selection, choose from any of the over 100 reports available in the wizard to display the data that means the most to the profitability and success of your towing company.

    Use the wizard to filter out only those system details that you want displayed on the report. Select from predefined periods or use a specific date range to generate reports for a precise period of time, all from the step by step process logically provided through the reporting wizard.

    Quickly and easily print or preview any reports critical to the success of your organization, or export your reports to one of over 20 different formats, including Adbobe® Acrobat™, Microsoft® Excel™ and Microsoft Word™ to be viewed at a later time or automatically e-mailed after being generated.

    Report Templates
      Create it Once, Print it Forever

    In many towing organizations the same group of reports need to be on the boss' desk each day, week or month when they walk into the office. In other towing software packages this would mean that you would have to reselect the date range and criteria for each report for the period, wasting valuable time from your busy day on a very repetitive task.

    InTow Manager however, allows you to conveniently save each of these commonly printed reports as templates, with a dynamic date range that updates each day, week or month that you print the report, without you ever having to change a setting. Save as much or as little filtering criteria with each template as you require so that the same style of report is generated time and time again without any additional changes from you. A single click of the mouse and your template can be re-opened the next time it's needed and automatically printed for you.

    Share template reports with other users on your computer or make them available only to yourself. You're a single mouse click away from having the full power of InTow Manager's reporting engine perform the time-consuming tasks that take up so much of your valuable day.
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