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Real-Time Dispatching
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Take control of your company's dispatching with the powerful real-time dispatching built into InTow Manager. Whether integrated with the InTow Messenger paging component, or as a standalone dispatching tool, the highly effective dispatching features of InTow Manager will ensure that your waiting and active calls are monitored and dispatched with complete accuracy.

InTow Manager provides your dispatchers with an indispensible tool for effectively managing your daily volume of calls by providing these key features:

  • color coded call list by either priority or status of the call
  • notification when calls exceed their expected ETA
  • popup display of notes associated to each call
  • split or single view of waiting and active calls
  • elapsed and remaining times on each call
  • quick view of available trucks from the Resources docked window
  • drag and drop resources onto waiting or active calls to assign truck and driver
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    Configurable View
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    Choose from any of the vast array of display options to customize the dispatch list to suit your specific needs and gain the most benefit from the software. The fully customizable dispatching interface gives you a real-time account of all active calls, whether they are waiting to be dispatched or currently assigned and awaiting completion. Highly effective coloring by either priority or status of the call provides you with a complete status of your active calls in a single glance. Quickly and easily view elapsed and remaining times on each call and identify those calls needing attention.

    Move your mouse over the Resources window to instantly see the status of each of your drivers, their equipment type and their location. Drag and drop drivers right out of the resources list onto a waiting or active call to assign the truck and driver. Conveniently switch between on duty, on call and off duty drivers for your resource selections and place drivers off duty with a return time to have them hidden from the list until they are expected back to work.

    Dispatch Paging
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    Coupled with InTow Messenger, InTow Manager's dispatching features perform the job of automatically sending a page to the driver assigned to the call that includes all of the necessary information to locate the vehicle and complete the necessary services.

    Going one step further and installing InTow Messenger 2-Way not only allows you to send pages to your dispatched drivers, but also allows your drivers to quickly and easily send back their current status on any call they've been dispatched to. Driver status updates are reflected in InTow Manager's dispatching list as soon as they are received, providing you with hands-free dispatching and call status updates for any of your calls.

    OnScene Solutions provides you with the most comprehensive and complete solution on the market today for all of your call dispatching and monitoring needs, with the power and flexibility of InTow Manager's dispatching features.
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