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So your dispatchers need to continuously monitor the status of active calls with real-time access to your fleet, but your bookkeeper in the back office could care less. They want to concentrate on all of your unpriced calls and make sure the tickets are getting turned in and money is being received from drivers. You as the owner of the company want a high-level overview of everything that's going on and have the ability to analyze the information your employees are entering to make profitable business descisions. No problem.

InTow Manager provides a wide variety of user-specific and system wide options to customize and control how the software can be operated by each user, a few of which include:

  • multi-level control on automatic call and invoice numbers
  • minimum detail requirements for each call turned on or off as required
  • default values to apply to each call that is entered
  • user-specified display of short codes and names throughout the software
  • control over displayed columns of data and the order that suits each user best
  • automatic verification of calls and payment of commissions
  • various settings to enhance use of dispatching and monitoring tools
  • management of vehicle storage notifications, scheduling and reminders
  • use and display of system reports
  • enabling and disabling of system level and add-on components
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      User-Defined Settings
    User-Level Control
      I Like it the Way I Like it

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    With the large number of options available to choose from, each of your users can customize the features and functionality of the software to fit the specific roles they perform for your organization. Increase your employee's productivity level by ensuring that each of them has a tool that best fits their role in your office, both through the information that is displayed for them as well as by enforcing minimum requirements for the data they enter, gauranteeing the highest level of integrity and accuracy of your organization's data.

    Quickly and effictively control the information that you see in InTow Manager and how you see it. Choose the columns that you want to see in each list, the order you want to see them in and the format of the data to display in them. Customize your display of cancelled and unpriced calls, display a popup of call notes associated to each of your active calls, and color code your dispatching list to your liking. Organize InTow Manager to suit the needs of your company and your employees, making your daily tasks that much easier to complete on time, every time.

    System Wide Settings
      Insure Your Data

    Over and above the various customizations available to each of your users, a wide variety of system level options can be configured and set by administrative users. These settings provide business owners with the comfort of knowing that their company's data will be entered with consistency and integrity on every call they take. Ensure that minimum requirements have been entered for each call, consistent numbering and entry has been used, and the verification of call details and payment of driver commissions is completed when required for every call.

    The need to remind your employees to enter complete and accurate data can be significantly reduced by setting call and customer level requirements, forcing users to enter a minimum level of details for each call and ensuring you get the most complete and accurate information possible for measuring your company's success.
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