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Rich Interface | Organized Data
Being able to quickly locate and manage the calls you receive is key to the success of your business in a busy environment. InTow Manager provides a powerful interface for mananging the day to day operations of your company, whether large or small, through its easy to use and intuitive interfaces, its powerful search engine and the robust reporting tools available.

Take advantage of features such as these to increase your productivity and manage your operation, even on the busiest of days:

  • View calls received by each customer
  • View calls completed by each driver
  • View and organize service requests currently waiting or dispatched
  • Storage lot management for all impounded vehicles
  • Customer invoices for services, storage and disposal of vehicles
  • Payments and credits on customer invoices
  • Aged receivables summary to locate problem accounts
  • Management of customers, drivers, trucks, services and storage rates
  • Powerful search engine to locate previous calls
  • Comprehensive reporting tools to analyze your organization's data
  • Scheduling and reminders of upcoming events such as lien letters and truck maintenance
  • Highlights
      Structured Data Management
    Feature Rich Interface
      To Manage Any Sized Towing Company

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    InTow Manager uses the program features that you would expect to see in software written for the Microsoft® Windows™ environment, strictly following the features and functionality provided in the world's leading software packages. The common and consistent use of menus and toolbars, the single click navigation between all of your mission critical data managed by InTow Manager, and the comprehensive, user by user customizable features of the lookup and entry of data provides you with a software package that can be tailored to the needs of any company.

    Quickly locate available resources to be assigned to waiting calls by simply moving your mouse over the Resources docked window. Drag and drop resources from the list onto each of your active calls to dispatch the call and send a page to the driver's text messaging device, all within a matter of seconds. Update driver status' to put them on duty, on call or off duty, allowing you to manage the resources currently available to you and the trucks they are assigned to.

    With a single click of the mouse, sort the data in the list you are viewing to quickly locate a call, customer or invoice. Drag and drop columns into the order that are most relevent to your job, or select to hide unneeded columns altogether. You will quickly find that there is no task that InTow Manager does not handle in an efficent and user-friendly manner for each of your user's requirements.

    Comprehensive Organized Data
      Quickly Locate Required Information

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    InTow Manager organizes the data associated to each call you take into logical groups through the effective use of tabbed dialogs, allowing you to quickly view the details of the call relating to your current need, whether that be the initial entry of the call, checking on the status and duration, selecting the resources and services or finally pricing the call. No need to scan through countless call details all on one interface to locate that single piece of information you need, as most towing software applications force you to do.

    The extensive use of drop down lists to manage your data, type-ahead data entry in quick lists and robust date controls allow you to quickly and efficiently enter and manage the information for each of your calls, reducing the number of typing mistakes and incorrect entry of data. Select from any of the existing items in the drop down lists, or simply type a new item right into the list so that it is available to be selected on any future call.

    Easily view the details of the customer, driver or truck associated to the call or view the complete addressing information for vehicle owners, released names, lien holders, insurance companies or collection agencies. Effortlessly associate any number of notes to a call, each timestamped with the name of the user entering the note and the date and time at which it was entered.
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